An app for plans   ⓘ

inShort allows breaking a complex task into simpler ones and displaying their relationship on a diagram. From the resulting map of tasks, you can compose a detailed plan and start its execution, marking the progress in the application. Thus, the application provides everything you need for working with projects.


For conversations   ⓘ

Consider an important conversation in advance, and you will always have a spectacular and relevant answer. While the opponent is in a hurry to prepare arguments, the initiative will be yours. Also, think through your decision, having weighed all the pros and cons in monologue mode. Works in conjunction with iMessage.


An app for books   ⓘ

Reading books on portable devices is always a compromise between comfort of reading and text availability. ShortBook offers an original way of solving this problem with its careful approach to text makeup on the limited screen area of iPhone or iPad.
Supports only books in FB2 format


An app for money   ⓘ

First: spending less does not mean living better.
Second: to make more money, you need to spend more.
Third: the first two rules work only if you know what you are paying for.


inShort for macOS 1.6.0



inDispute 1.1 for iOS

A master of constructing conversations — to think what to say.

The application is just released, it will be much improved, if you know what is better to start with — share with us.

inDispute page →

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inShort X.5.3 for macOS and iOS

We are grateful to all active users whose comments and suggestions have been useful in improving inShort.



inShort 1.5.2 for macOS


inShort 5.5.1 for iOS


Soon in the new version…


inShort 1.5.1 for macOS


Pioneers of

1000 users are already using advantages of On average, each of them created one new diagram.

Getting on to the service has started!


Coming soon...


inShort 5.5.0 for iOS


inShort 1.5.0 for macOS



After analyzing the reports on beta testing and conducting an overall assessment of the stability of the service, it was decided to open the for regular operation.

We express our gratitude to all users who took part in the beta test! Thank you for being with us!

Subscription of all beta test participants was extended by 35 days.

ALL ABOARD!12.05.2017

Public access to testing of the service is open

To check how the service copes with the increased load, all restrictions on the registration and use of the service have been removed.

We invite everyone to participate in the beta test of! Take your friends with you!

1-2-3! 20.03.2017

A closed beta test of is started

Active users of inShort received invitations to closed beta testing of If you have any questions or you want to join the beta testing of the service, you can contact the developers at

Based on feedback on the weekly work of the service, a decision will be made about the end of the test and the public launch of the project.



inShort 5.4.9 for iOS

Improved stability of the application.

We are grateful to all active users whose comments and suggestions have been useful in improving inShort.


ShortBook 10.4.1



inShort 1.4.8 for macOS


inShort 5.4.8 for iOS


inShort 1.4.8 for macOS

We are grateful to all active users whose comments and suggestions have been useful in improving inShort.



inShort 1.4.5 for macOS

Fixed iCloud syncing bug that could lead to the loss of the latest versions of the data.


inShort 1.4.3 for macOS & 5.4.3 for iOS

Improved stability of the application.

27.03.2016 & 30.03.2016

inShort 1.4.2 for Mac OS & 5.4.2 for iOS

Made some improvements and interface enhancements.

We are grateful to all active users whose comments and suggestions have been useful in improving inShort.


inShort 1.4.1 for Mac OS


inShort 5.4.1 for iOS

Gantt charts are supplemented with optional sections.


inShort 1.4.0 for Mac OS

Gantt charts are supplemented with optional sections.

Special thanks to the active users from the UK, whose comments and suggestions were helpful in refining the Gantt charts.

03.12.2015 & 01.12.2015

inShort 1.3.9 for Mac OS & 5.3.9 for iOS


inShort 5.3.8 for iOS

Improved functions of work with the diagram:
Redesigned work with links:

Queues of tasks: organize the work with active tasks in accordance with the elements of the GTD methodology.

Control lists for diagrams — monitor the sequence of actions with the diagram step by step.


inShort 1.3.1 for Mac OS

Improved functions of work with the diagram:
Redesigned work with links:

The list of "hot keys" is extended with navigation along the tabs of the Navigator and the Inspector.


inShort 1.2.3 for Mac OS

inShort 5.2.3 for iOS

25.01.2015 (09.01.2015)

inShort 5.2.2 (5.2.1) for iOS

5.2.2: Restored compatibility with iOS 6.



ShortBook 10.3.3
tr.en.d 3.0.4 "Ponte di Rialto I"


inShort 1.2.1 for Mac OS

27.11.2014 (23.10.2014) (08.10.2014)

ShortBook 10.3.2 (10.3.1) (10.3.0)

10.3.1-2: Some inaccuracies of the previous version fixed.


tr.en.d 3.0.3 "Ponte di Rialto"


inShort 5.1.4 for iOS


Back in action

The last few days I was on a trip, so was not able to respond promptly to requests, besides, I did not want to write the answers in a hurry. But now I'm in the workplace and within three days I will try to respond to all requests, but if you do not get an answer from me at this time, please email again, the letter could have been lost. I apologize for the temporary inconvenience.


Meanwhile, David Sparks wrote an excellent review on inShort, for which I am truly grateful to him.
By the way, I recommend his blog MacSparky, there is a lot of useful and exclusive information on the Apple products to read in it.

Jury Shortki


inShort 1.1.2 for Mac OS


inShort 5.1.2 for iOS

Material resources


inShort 1.1.1 for Mac OS

Material resources


inShort 5.0.3 and inShort for Mac OS 1.0.3


inShort version 5.0.2.


inShort for Mac OS updated to version 1.0.2.


inShort for Mac OS version 1.0.1 has been released in App Store.


tr.en.d updated to version 3.0.1.

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