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The distribution of tr.en.d parameters

Almost each of our expenditures is made up of a combination of three types of expenses. We should learn to allocate each type in order to eventually obtain an individual financial profile, based on which it would already be possible to build analysis and generate recommendations.

There exist simple rules for the distribution of expenditures by category. First assess whether there is a product or a service cheaper than you got, though not so comfortable and quality. The cost of this cheap option is the size of the current spending; all that is above this amount is the cost of your comfort and development. Estimate how much of the cost of a product or a service will help you save in the future or gain advantages - this is the cost of development, the rest is net drains on the fun. This process has another important aspect: by allocating costs you will further evaluate the effect of spending on your life, take a detached view of them.

Configuring the categories of spending will, in most cases, allow the program to distribute the parameters of spending automatically, requiring your interference only in certain special cases.

Having assigned all the parts of our costs, we need to determine how exactly they affect our life.

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