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Budget for the period

The general budget shows the state of funds that has developed over a long period of time. To control the finances for a limited period of time, create the budget for the period in the program.

After specifying the budget period, the program will form the budget for the period on the basis of records of the general budget. Items of the budget for the period reflect the amount available for the entire period, in contrast to the general budget, which is always calculated at the current time.

As funds are spent or received, the program displays the percentage of execution for the budget item.

You can enter budget records pertaining only to the budget for the period to account for the expenses with temporary nature not suitable for consideration in the general budget.

Also, by introducing the correcting budget records with negative amounts, you can compensate for accumulative items of the general period within the budget period.

For example, if it was provided to put aside 500 pounds a month for holiday, the budget for the month will have the item of expenditure on holiday in the amount of 500 pounds. But since you do not want to spend that money this month, you can enter a budget record of -500 pounds, so that the size of the item of expenditure on holiday was 0 pounds, as planned. Each such negative lock indicates the amount of funds that should be put aside over the period.

Budget analysis.