Shortki ◆ tr.en.d


An important tool for the analysis is grouping various financial records in projects. For example, vacation or home redecoration are good examples of projects. As a rule, a project must have a definite goal and be limited to a certain time frame. When the goal of the project is achieved, it is closed and is displayed in a separate section of the closed projects.

The program allows you, when you create or edit a transaction, to include it in one of the projects. Based on the parameters of the transactions, the program will calculate the duration of the project and its other parameters.

Besides the classical aggregate indicators such as amounts of spending and income, distribution of records by category, the program will build the “Rose of spending” for the project, a measure of its tr.en.d profile.

Accounting for the expenses in accordance with the tr.en.d method will allow you to better understand yourself, learn your strengths and use time and money more productively.