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Tr.en.d accounting system

Triple entry. Description

A neat person may thoroughly capture his expenses and record profits, but these records can only suggest to him how he handles money, they won’t provide him with an answer as to why his funds are distributed in such a way. Moreover, he won’t have an understanding how to improve the situation either. Usually a person who decides to meticulously record expenses, is at first unpleasantly astonished by their volume, and then begins to save, which often only worsens the situation. Because in order to earn more, one needs to spend more, but this is not obvious from the record of spending.

The reason is that with normal accounting we focus only on what is lost, and not on what is gained — that is, we deliberately put ourselves in the position of a loser, not a winner. Tr.en.d accounting system makes it possible to turn our wastes in our victories.

Let’s start with the simple principles.