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At any time, you can determine how much a day of your life costs, let’s call it the standard of living. Adding all components of the average daily cost of current life, pleasure and development, applicable at this point, we get the current standard of living. Of course, it is desirable that this value be inferior to daily income.

Having put the amounts of three aspects of spending on a special circle diagram, we get the “Rose of spending”. The total vector of such a diagram clearly shows the nature of expenses. Each sector of the Rose of spending relates to the different way of life. The program will give you a description of the calculated sector, the extent of its impact on your life and provide possible recommendations.

Also, the program will generate the list of expenses applicable at the moment; the list is sorted by the degree of contribution of each expenditure to the standard of living. Examine this list and, if necessary, adjust the parameters of transactions in accordance with the recommendations of the program. Remember, we are focusing on benefits: all expenses in this list are active and therefore have to work – do not forget to use what is already paid.

After evaluation of the situation at the moment, you can learn how the present state of affairs was formed over time.

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