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Formation of the general budget

Assess the main items of income and expenditure, and then select those that meet one of the following criteria.

Stable items.
Expenses or revenues are recurring and stable.

Accumulative items.
Expenses recur relatively rarely, but periodically you put aside a fixed amount for the future expense of this type. For example, every month you put aside part of the funds for holiday.

Restorative items.
Spending is made as the prior expense of this type is compensated. You sort of take credit from yourself and do not repeat such an expense until you pay off the previous.

For each identified case, create a budget record with a note on to what it relates.

If the program has accumulated data for the period more than a month, then using the budget generation feature, you can provisionally create an approximate general budget. Adjust the automatic budget according to your expectations, make notes in the required records.

Every day the size of the items of the general budget will vary. Referring to them, watch how much money is available to you for various purposes at the moment. Stick to a simple rule: if the available balance for an item of the general budget is negative, avoid this type of spending if possible.

Budget for the period.