System requirements
iOS 6.0 or later

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Sample books

Reading books on portable devices is always a compromise between comfort of reading and text availability. ShortBook offers an original way of solving this problem with its careful approach to text makeup on the limited screen area of iPhone or iPad. A lot of experiments with various text compositions and interface layouts have jelled the unique match for convenient reading. If you need to read for a long time, with comfort and without any considerable damage to the sight take advantage of the ShortBook program — a high-end reader.

Free Shortbook Library Edition permits downloading books only from library on this site.

ShortBook is an electronic book reader using unique capabilities of your iPhone. It has everything that is necessary for comfortable reading of books in fb2 format: contents, figures, footnotes and unique text makeup. Handy interface allows finding books quickly and reading them with comfort. Night reading mode will reduce discomfort for those who suffer from sleeplessness and Quick Bookmark function will ensure free browsing through a book.

Book downloading is available via Wi-Fi being handily implemented through the web browser. For your further comfort there are options of choosing font, its size and other settings. Reading can be quickly restarted after a break with one touch of the screen.

The program supports dictionaries in XDXF format. Detaining a finger on a word and activating the button of searching through dictionaries, you'll virtually in a matter of seconds learn the meaning of the tricky word.

Don't seek for compromises, use ShortBook. With ShortBook even a big book will become short.

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